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Offerwall Mediation Tool

Wondering how to get more revenue out of your monetization networks? Try Annecy now and learn in detail how your networks perform against each other, optimize your eCPM and get more revenue for your users.

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Get control of your incentive revenue

Spend less time with the manual comparison of your networks and get more revenue by offer mediation with Annecy

Always get the best offers

We compare all offers in your network and only list the offers with the best margin for you.


Get realtime insides of your incentive revenue metrics and compare your networks or advertisers.

Mobile compatible dashboard

Use Annecy wherever you are. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.

Fully automated solution

We get the most revenue out of your inventory, fully automated.

True performance

Annecy optimizes every single dollar of your ad spend, helping you to make your efforts in mobile advertising a success.

True Performance with Annecy

Everything you need.

We already have access to the largest networks, agencies and direct advertisers allowing you to get the highest possible reach.

Managed or Not?

We can provide you ad units or we can go a step further and additionally manage your existing ad inventory.

Increase your Revenue with Annecy

Register a tremendous increase in your revenue.

The graph shows the change in revenue from one of our clients. As you can see after implementing Annecy the total revenue increased drastically. Thanks to the realtime sorting algorithm our clients were able to generate the most profitable custom offerwalls for each user individual and therefore reach the highest revenue yet.

Explore Features

Annecy is not just a competitor to other offerwalls,
but a tool to manage all your ad networks to get the highest revenue.

and Reporting

Annecy focuses on realtime reporting from the very beginning. It’s built to give you 100% flexible and customizable data to react on trends and budgets. Get deep insides what offers are most profitable for your users. Analyze your data in your chosen visualization: line charts, tables, CSV-file exports. Everything is possible!

Compare Offers
across Ad Networks

Sometimes different ad networks will have the same offer. Annecy’s realtime sorting algorithm is not just using data like payout, conversion rate, and revenue per view, but also ad network trust index, user data, redirect count and reachability to generate offerwalls. That’s how we ensure that every user gets the most profitable custom offerwall.

Add own Offers
and Partners

There is no other offerwall tool on the market, where you can add your own custom offers. Add a completely new monetization funnel to your business by promoting your partners offers inside your app! Put the offer at the beginning of your offerwall, or let our fully automated sorting algorithm decide what’s most profitable for you.


In case the user has problems with receiving offer rewards, you can use our support API instead of handling the support requests by yourself. Show your users the list of all the offers they’ve clicked, and redirect them straight to the correct ad network’s support page. Annecy automatically sends all the parameters, to make it as easy as possible for the user.