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How to Monetize Your Short-Term Users

Short-term user monetization can be as lucrative and sometimes more easily attainable than enchanting somebody for the long haul.

How to Monetize Non-Paying Mobile Users

To monetize non-paying users in a structured way, try your hand with offerwalls. Instead of a simple ad that either pops up at the bottom of the screen, or that shows a video over the full screen, an offerwall can be more integrated into the design of the app itself.

How to increase your eCPM

Annecy will allow you to use automatic optimization techniques which ensure advertising revenue is maximized with improved fill rates and response times. The use of a good ad mediation platform will often see an almost immediate upturn in your app's eCPM rate.

Google Play Store Ranking Factors

Download volume will no longer be the determining factor when it comes to ranking. Installs can be manipulated (see this for a real-life example), so Google has implemented a shift towards quality weighing user engagement.

What are Offerwalls?

An offerwall is a monetization system that helps to generate revenues via any app. Many app developers tend to think of an offerwall as a store that is within their app, designed to encourage users to look at features or other apps that they might be interested in.

Why Should You Still Buy Incentivized Users?

One of the chief reasons developers choose to stick with inducements for new users is that they get a great deal of 'bang for the buck', especially when the cost per install for non-incentivized apps can reach as much as $4, in many cases.

Monetize with OfferWalls

Giving your users total control of their in-app advertising experience can do much more than simply influence the behaviour of non-payers. By providing real value through offerwalls and similar rewarding ads, you can significantly alter the mindset of your users.

App Monetization

A lot has changed in the field of app monetization in the last decade. With first opening up the apple app store to external developers in 2008, the markt was flooded with amusing but often enough useless apps. The only thing that mattered was to get the most downloads.