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A lot has changed in the field of app monetization in the last decade. With first opening up the apple app store to external developers in 2008, the markt was flooded with amusing but often enough useless apps. The only thing that mattered was to get the most downloads. High download numbers equaled high revenue. Almost 10 years later the market changed. Apps cost little to no money and users are often enough not willing to pay for apps anymore. Too glutted is the market. This posed a challenge to the monetization of apps and new ideas needed to be thought up.

Fully automated solution

Ad Networks

Ad Networks

There are countless ad networks available on the market and all of them will provide you with offers. This makes it nearly impossible to choose the right one. Using Annecy you don’t have to choose between ad networks anymore because you can use them all.


The Annecy normalizer fetches offers from all the ad networks and puts them into an unified format. Beyond that the normalizer checks all the fetched offers for scam and fraud. All fraudulent offers will be sorted out, leaving you with the real offers alone.


You can use the offers that were fetched by the normalizer and use the offers from our exclusive partners, that no other ad network has. In addition Annecy allows you to enter offers from your partners or other apps by your company to save marketing costs.
Offer Management

Offer Management

You can edit e.g. title, message or payout rate of the previously fetched offers or put your own offers at the top of the offerwall. But you can also let our realtime sorting algorithm decide what’s the most profitable order for you. Your offers can be visualized via many realtime analytics tools like line charts, tables or CSV-file exports.
Sorting algorithm

Realtime sorting algorithm

After managing your offers, Annecy’s realtime sorting algorithm will take over. It generates the most profitable custom offerwalls for each user individually, and for you to get the highest revenue. It uses data like payout, conversion rate, and revenue per view. But beyond that the realtime sorting algorithm also uses ad network trust index, user data, redirect count and reachability.
Customize your Offerwall

Custom Users Offerwall

The Annecy realtime sorting algorithm will build offerwalls that are perfectly tailored to your users needs. Your users will therefore get their own custom user offerwalls that are most profitable for you.
Display Offers in your App

Your App

In the end you will see the created offerwall in your own app. You can use our SDK or our public API to create offerwalls that perfectly fit your users while the design will be completely up to you.

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