Annecy Media | Effectively Monetize Your Mobile App

There is no perfect approach when planing app monetization. Reaching your ROI always depends on your product and your target audience. But in the end you can choose between 4 possibilities to monetize your app:

Monetization through paid apps

The idea is pretty simple: you offer your app for download and in return your user will have to pay an one-time amount that you predetermined. Thus earning a fixed amount. For many paid apps the biggest revenue will be reached in the first week after the release. After that, the revenue will drop constantly. Another difficulty of paid apps is the reluctance of the users to spend money. That’s why it will be much harder for a paid app to reach a certain extent of download numbers.
To increase your number of users you can easily use Annecy. With Annecy you can reach up to 2,350,000 users daily, which can lead to an immediate boost in the app stores and a tremendous increase in your download numbers and revenue.

Monetization through advertising

The idea behind this kind of monetization is offering an app that’s free of charge but presenting your users all kinds of advertising. Due to the integration of advertising the users will be forced to interact through looking or clicking at it and being forwarded to another website. That’s how you will earn money, despite the fact, that you offered the app for free. With high traffic you can earn good money with advertising, and the better are the chances to reach a high ROI. But be careful not to overstrain your users. Large amount of advertisement can be felt to be unpleasant and will lower your users satisfaction.
Another way to present advertising is through custom advertising. As a publisher you can show your users content from third-party providers. It is within your decision-making power to choose the content you want to present. And the more advertisers you will use, the more money you will make. Using Annecy’s close contacts to all the big ad networks and exclusive direct partners, you will get numerous possibilities.

In-App purchases

Offering an app free of charge, but encouraging the users to by intangible goods in your app is the base of making money through in-app purchases. An American study found that in-app purchases are responsible for 76% of the total revenue from the iTunes store. The good thing about in-app purchases: you don’t need advertising. Instead you are encouraging your users over and over to buy more things in your app. A game based app for example can monetize by encouraging the users to purchase the games currency. A non-game based app by offering to release certain functions. By offering your app for free you will bypass the the reluctance of the users to spend money, but will be confronted with it again, when wanting money for in-app purchases. To avoid that you can implement offerwalls into your app, giving your users the opportunity to complete tasks in order to get some of your apps currency.
Since the development of Annecy, it has never been easier to implement an offerwall into an app. Annecy will do all the work while you are still in complete decision-making power.

Selling material goods

This path of monetization is the extension of e-commerce, allowing your target group to buy your products while being mobile. This allows you to expand your business model, but is not necessarily relevant to it. With Annecy you can boost your app in the app stores, increasing the users awareness for the app and therefore leading to increasing download numbers.

All these app monetizations have advantages and disadvantages and which one to choose depends on your app and your target audience.
So the bottom line is that there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to app monetization. But there is one common denominator: Annecy can and will support you! With increasing your download numbers and your revenue.