Annecy Media | How to increase your eCPM

Firstly, let’s deal with the confusing term that eCPM can be. Although app developers use the term regularly, few know exactly what it really means. In short, eCPM stands for effective cost per mille, or thousand. What it really translates best as is the effective earnings per thousand impressions. For all app developers, eCPM represents a measure of how effective the monetization of their software is. To work out your eCPM, you simply take the total earnings derived from advertising placed in the app and divide that figure by the total number of impressions it has received. To create a comparable index with other apps, the resulting number is then multiplied by a thousand. This is the eCPM figure – the average amount of money your app makes per 1,000 impressions.

Now that is established, let’s examine how you increase your eCPM figure and ensure your app is really working for you in the most efficient way.

Optimize Your eCPM With Annecy used as Ad Mediation Platform

This is probably the best single thing you can do to increase an eCPM score. Annecy allows app developers to manage several advertising networks with ease but they also optimize performance. Essentially, the advantage they offer app developers is that there is no longer any need to compare eCPM rates over time using different ad networks. Annecy will allow you to use automatic optimization techniques which ensure advertising revenue is maximized with improved fill rates and response times. The use of a good ad mediation platform will often see an almost immediate upturn in your app’s eCPM rate.

Use Different Ad Formats

Another good way to optimize eCPM rates is to mix up your advertising formats. Some apps are very suited to interstitials while others are better with banner ads or app lists. It comes down to the sort of user your particular app has been developed for. Put simply, people react differently to different sorts of advertising. Once you have established the sort of advertising your app’s users are most comfortable with, then you should see your eCPM rates go up. Game app developers will often find that optional video ads and full-screen interstitial adverts are best, but utility app developers might prefer to go for native or panel ads for best results. Experimentation is the key.

Increase your eCPM

Reward Your Users

Ads are often seen as a nuisance by app users and this can turn people off using your app at all, thereby lowering the number of impressions you achieve in a given time period. However, if you offer a reward to users for them putting up with an ad, then they are much more likely to buy into the process. Game app developers have a big advantage here because upgrades and boosts can be offered to players for watching a video ad, for example. Nevertheless, all app developers can benefit from this approach, for example, by allowing access to more content within the app in exchange for viewing advertising. Rewarded users are happier with apps that show advertising so your eCPM should see an upturn if you incentivize them in this way.

Include Ads at Optimal Points

For the majority of app developers, the timing of their advertised content is crucial to optimize eCPM rates. Ads which interrupt the flow of an app tend to annoy users who become frustrated and stop using it. End of level advertising is a good option, especially where the whole screen is devoted to the advert in question. If you have a high-investment app, then consider placing ads at the start of the process. When users open the app, they’ll soon become familiar with the idea that they just have to give a moment or two to the ‘sponsors message’ before they are able to proceed to their valued content.