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There are many Ad-Networks out there.

Annecy integrated the best and automatically estimate CPM, measure CR, compare Payout Rates, merge Offers, improve Revenue, count Interactions

Mobile advertising Networks

There are thousands of ad networks with millions of offers out there. Most of them provide a more or less efficient way to coordinate and organize ad campaigns across various different channels and sites. Annecy aggregates and compares mobile advertising networks and delivers only the best working offers for you. We make everything transparent.

Even the most experienced publisher would still be looking for the best of the best. Direct selling to advertisers could be impractical and close to impossible for most publishers so opting to partner with an ad network to fill your inventory could be your best alternative to monetize your site. All ad networks have their ups and downs. They’ll have a good campaign, then it will end, then later they’ll get another, and so on. It’s best to have multiple networks and mediate them. That way you get the benefit of the ups, and can mitigate the downs.

Fyber Network Logo


Specialising in revenue-generating ads for mobile publishers, this ad tech provider is rapidly gaining traction in the industry. Over the span of nine years, Fyber grew into a conglomerate of four ad tech companies with publisher-focused tools that complement each other perfectly.

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ironSource Network Logo


With a constantly growing suite of mobile app monetization, distribution, and analytics tools, ironSource brings digital dreams to life and builds lasting bridges between tech founders, app developers, and manufacturers on the one hand and matching advertisers on the other.

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