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Specialising in revenue-generating ads for mobile publishers, this ad tech provider is rapidly gaining traction in the industry. Currently based in New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Petah Tikva, and Beijing, it maintains its position at the forefront of the industry through innovation, team spirit, dedication, accountability, and mutual respect.
Over the span of nine years, Fyber grew into a conglomerate of four ad tech companies with publisher-focused tools that complement each other perfectly. Together they deliver a single, comprehensive and innovative platform for mobile publishers.

Fyber’s platform caters to the monetisation needs of swarms of publishers across the world. Having harnessed the potential of an emergent solution known as header bidding and translated that into a product useful to online publishers, Fyber has revolutionised the world of ad tech. Called FairBid, the tool brings equality to mobile game and app publishers alike, making the revenue earning process frictionless, easier, and fairer for all.
Combining in-house technology with expertise in a range of fields related to monetisation platforms, Fyber takes a holistic approach to development. RTB, PMP, Deal IDs, mediation, and audience segmentation are just some of the fields it brings together to create monetisation solutions that make quality content affordable and accessible to all. Banking on its ability to offer an immersive user experience with content that’s always relevant and engaging, Fyber is bound to shape the future of the industry.

Able to produce mobile content of the highest quality, Fyber offers its services to all those looking for in-stream, out-stream, and rewarded video. Fyber VAMP, a next-generation monetisation platform based on video ads is a data-driven tool designed specifically for programmatic mobile video. It features a command centre that enables publishers to view reports and control inventory and yield with a single, fully unified platform.
Keeping clients connected to hundreds of DPS partners across the globe, Fyber does away with demand fragmentation and maximises payout on every web impression. Sell video ads across channels, bringing your campaign to the forefront with real-time bidding across mobile and web apps – all this and more with Fyber, a true industry game-changer!