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Having a well thought user acquisition strategy with determined goals, milestones and priorities is an necessary element for any business. Without a user acquisition strategy you are going to seriously struggle to grow your business. One of the most difficult parts of scaling any business is actually figuring out which channel is the most sustainable and profitable for bringing through new customers. The value of incentivized user acquisition is stronger than ever and it is seen in terms of real message cut-through, and corresponding click-throughs and conversions. You can get about five and more users for the price of one compared to regular user acquisition. If your app is attractive and it fits for the target audience its likely that some of the users will stay and become active users. Due to the high volume of new users, there is also a positive effect on the store ranking, which will result in additional free quality users.

Brand Awareness

We at Annecy have a deep understanding of the app industry, which helps us to connect your needs with your target audience. Paired with our close contacts to agencies and direct clients we can find you the audience you need and connect you to them. Always while having ROI in mind.

Global Inventory

Access to millions of customers.

All Publishers will get access to our global inventory. This includes all the big ad networks and what’s more, close contacts to agencies and direct clients. That way you can get the highest possible reach for your offer.


Over 70 Million Users


Over 2,5 Million Users


Over 3,5 Million Users

Full Transparency

Beyond our performance tracking you can also get a full report of your offers. Get an understanding of the effect each offer has on your revenue. You can even get your offers visualized measurably via line charts, tables and CSV-export.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking made easy: Annecy’s dashboard will provide you with all the information you need to decide what offers works the best and what users are the most valuable for the best price. You can track everything in realtime from views and clicks to conversion rate, RPV, RPC, efRPV and efRPC.

Billing Models

Finding the best fitting billing model for you depends on different things like your objectives, your targets and your media partner. Concerning the last point we can guarantee you completely flexible billing models. We will find the one that fits you the most and makes technological sense.









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